2016 Membership and Christmas Party Payments

The Club’s separation from the WEA is now complete.  A number of financial and administrative tasks previously done by the WEA are now being done by committee members, including:

  • Membership records
  • Cheque processing
  • Banking
  • Financial recording.

The WEA also provided us with paper and photocopying facilities – commencing 2016 printing of the quarterly Newsletter will be outsourced to a commercial printer.

2016 membership fees are due on 31 December 2015. They have been changed from last year to reflect our new costs:

Online Newsletter Full Fee ……………  $35     Printed Newsletter Full Fee …………..  $55

Online Newsletter Concession Fee … $30     Printed Newsletter Concession Fee … $50

Our website has been updated to facilitate online payments using a debit or credit card – each applicant will need to provide a unique email address.

Membership fees can also be paid by cheque attached to a completed Membership Application Form and mailed to the Membership Secretary, PO Box 6112, Wollongong 2500.  The Application Form can be downloaded from the Forms page on the website and will be included in the forthcoming Summer Newsletter.

Payment for the Christmas Party can be made either online or by cheque.

As banks are increasingly charging to process cheques, the Committee strongly encourages all members to adopt the simple online membership renewal and online Christmas Party booking.  If you renew your membership online and select the online Newsletter, you will receive a $5 discount on the cost of the Christmas party. This offer closes on 8 December 2015 and does not apply to payments made by cheque.

To obtain the discount, go to www.illawarraramblers.com.au. Remember to have your credit card and senior/pensioner number handy. You do not need to login, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on SHOP.
  • Select your ONLINE Newsletter option, then SIGN UP NOW. Your cart will show the item you have selected.
  • Click again on SHOP, select XMAS PARTY TICKETS and ADD TO CART. Your cart will now show 2 items.
  • Enter the Coupon Code merryxmas, click on APPLY COUPON, then UPDATE CART.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen to see the updated CART TOTALS, then PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to complete payment.

Payment for other membership options, ie to receive a printed Newsletter can of course be made online but will not attract a Christmas Party discount.

In all cases you will need to provide your address, unique email address and phone number (instead of completing a Membership Application Form) and create your own password.  If required further down the track, you will be able to update your account details and password.

If you have any queries please contact Penny Howes, Ros Tierney or myself or email: illawarraramblers@gmail.com.

John Groom