Anne’s story

Cyclists and paddlers in the Illawarra Ramblers Club have probably already met Anne Royters.  She and her husband, Tony have been regular and enthusiastic participants in our cycling and kayaking activities for a few years.  During this time Anne has also been dealing with ovarian cancer. Those who know her have been blown away by her determination to take on “anything that is thrown at her” so that she can keep doing what she enjoys most.  Everyone is grappling with something during this extended lockdown, Anne’s positivity despite all the odds is inspirational.

Recently she was interviewed by the Cancer Council – click here to read her storyShe is also participating in the Cancer Council’s Ride500 challenge event which runs for the duration of September.

You may also be interested to know that two other Ramblers members, Phil Prentice and John Groom, have signed up for Ride for Cancer, a 7-day event which starts tomorrow Monday 6 September. Look out for them on the bike path and cheer them along, they should be sporting bright charity T-shirts.