Bicycle NSW Affiliation

Fellow Ramblers,

Most of you will be aware of the 2023 changes in the insurance cover the club could provide for our cycling activities.  Our Club Committee had to make a decision on how e-Bike riders could continue to be insured while participating in these activities.

To ensure ongoing insurance coverage for cycling members on, or even not on, club activities e-Biking members have been asked to take out individual insurance cover with Bicycle NSW.  A discounted rate for members was offered to us.  Additionally a further discount was offered to members should our club affiliate with Bicycle NSW.

From 1 January Illawarra Ramblers Inc is an entity affiliated with Bicycle NSW.

Our activities will be linked on their website calendar.  Our website will acknowledge our affiliation with Bicycle NSW as will our affiliation with Bushwalking NSW through whom our walking and paddling insurance continues to be provided.  15% discount now applies for cycling insurance through Bicycle NSW.  To access our discount code you will need to login into the Ramblers website, then go to the e-Bike Insurance page (under the Activities tab) to access the code.

Whilst member insurance cover on our activities will now automatically be provided, upon completion of high standard leader training courses the club, and those leaders who participate in that training, will be covered under an allied insurance arrangement.

The aim is to have as many leaders as possible certified as quickly as possible.  One encouragement for leaders to participate will come in the form of a 50% rebate in the cost of insurance (from the listed cost) for those riders who become certified leaders.

Bicycle NSW is the pre-eminent cycling group in NSW.  Across the state there are 34 affiliated entities like ours. Bicycle NSW also undertakes advocacy to councils and governments on behalf of cyclists.

Another aspect of the insurance provided under member’s cover is that the policy provides accident cover anywhere in the world.  Public liability coverage is also worldwide except in the USA and Canada.  We will soon be exploring whether the club and leader insurance cover could bring the same benefits offshore as it will domestically.  Watch this space.

John Groom