Covid Rules, Insurance & Latest Government Advice

Your Committee is endeavouring to keep abreast of the Government’s changes as to how group activities should be managed in order to stay Covid safe.  Further changes have just been announced.

Effective immediately, the number of people in an outdoor group is limited to 20.  This means that for:

  • Walks:  As before, registration will normally be required and the number of participants will be at the discretion of the leader.  The maximum number of participants allowed including the leader is 20.
  • Bike rides:  As before, registration will not be necessary unless required by the leader. The maximum number of participants including the leader is 20.  In the unlikely event there are more than 20, a separate group must be organised.
  • Paddles:   Given the high number of participants, registration will continue to be necessary, and two separate groups at different locations will be organised.


Bushwalking NSW has alerted us to the implications pertaining to our Insurance. Club members who disobey the law or turn a blind eye to any offence will not be covered in the event of an accident or health issue.

Car Pooling

Because of the rule to keep 1.5 m distance between yourself and others, unless two people are from the same household, it is advised that a second person can be transported but should sit in the backseat maintaining as much distance as possible.

Trips Away

It has been the practice in the past to share cabin accommodation.  If not from the same household, and depending on the size of the cabin it would be safer to restrict it to 2 persons and to maintain strict hygiene whilst sharing the accommodation.  Tents should best be restricted to one person only, unless from the same household.

The advice is constantly changing as restrictions are being lifted however personal hygiene (washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer) and social distancing are likely be in place for the foreseeable future.

Let’s all try to follow the RULES and STAY SAFE.

Ros Tierney