Membership Renewals – Important Update

Just over a year ago we introduced online membership payments.  It has been a great success as reflected in the number of members who now pay online and the number of new members who have obviously found it very easy to join our club through the website.

We expected that we would be able to continue to have one membership expiry date (31 December) for all members as we have done in the past.  We have tried to implement this, but it has become clear that in doing so, we would lose features provided by the online payment system and create additional work for committee members, in particular the Membership Secretary.

At our Committee Meeting this week we agreed that we should move away from a single expiry date to 12 month memberships based on the anniversary date of initial payment.  By initial payment, we mean the date you paid for your membership after we implemented the online payment system on 1 November 2015.  For most members this will fall in November or December, so memberships are now due and renewal will always be due during this period.  New members who joined during 2016 will only need to renew on their 12 month anniversary date next year.

Once memberships pass their 12 month renewal date, access to member only information is no longer available. This includes the Members and Leaders Lists and Online Activity Submission form.  A few members have already experienced problems and we apologise for any inconvenience.  As soon as you renew your membership your member privileges are automatically restored.

We are moving to a system which is more equitable in that all members, no matter when they join, will be paying for a 12 month period.  From next year members, including those who pay by cheque, will receive an email reminder when membership renewal is due.  Those without email addresses will be advised separately.

If you have any queries please contact Penny Howes or Ros Tierney.