A Gentle Reminder

We have had some members coming to events not as well prepared as they should be!  Leaders are entitled to refuse participation in an activity if they see that a member’s preparation is not safe for either them or the other members. Eg not bringing enough water or not wearing sensible attire. Please read the Safety hints page on our website.




This is at the top of the Activity Register which we sign when we join an activity –

Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligations:

In voluntarily participating in any activity of the Illawarra Ramblers Inc, I am aware that I am risking injury, illness and death, and loss of or damage to my property. Typical risks may Include but are not limited to hyperthermia, hypothermia, slipping on loose or icy surfaces, slipping on rocks, falling rocks, exposure, snake bite, bee stings and other insect attacks, dog attacks, burns, drownings, collisions, stepping into unseen holes, accidents during vehicle travel to activities, navigation errors and becoming lost.

To minimise these risks I will:

  • observe the Grading and Guidelines as outlined on the Club website for specific activities (walks, bike rides, paddles) which I have read;
  • inform myself of the nature of the activity and ensure that it is within my capabilities;
  • ensure my equipment is adequate as per the Grading and Guidelines;
  • carry food, water, medication, and clothing appropriate for the activity;
  • advise the leader of any physical or other limitation, or any dependence on medication, that may require urgent attention during the activity;
  • make every effort to remain with the rest of the party during the activity;
  • advise the leader of any concerns I am having;
  • comply with all reasonable instructions of the leader.

I understand these risks and requirements.

In signing this form (a) as a temporary member, I acknowledge that I have been granted temporary membership of the above named club, (b) as an e-bike rider, I acknowledge that I am not covered by the club insurance in the event there are no conventional bike riders in the group.