Activities for 2022-2023

Information on the number of walks, cycles, paddles, multi-day trips, cancellations and social activities has been summarised for three quarters from September 2022 to May 2023, covering spring, summer and autumn. Winter activities (June-August) have not been included as the newsletter was published prior to the end of the winter quarter.

A total of 175 activities were undertaken involving a whopping 2175 participants. The breakdown of activities is summarised in the accompanying pie chart. Walks (N=69) and cycles (N=65) topped the highest number of activities, with paddles coming in at 32. The number of bike rides is impressive given that these activities were suspended for a period of time due to the uncertainty about insurance. The number of activities shows a significant increase of over 65% from the previous period in 21-22 where the effects of the Covid pandemic on gatherings were still being felt.

On average, Illawarra Ramblers led 5 activities per week. A big thank you to all the leaders who have stepped up by putting on more activities in response to the increased demand, despite the atrocious weather sometimes which has required last minute changes.

The seven trips away ranged from cycling trips around Canberra, Sydney’s northern beaches, the rail trails in north east Victoria; walking trips in the NSW Snowy Mountains and at Mallacoota and Croajingolong national park in Victoria; and two paddle trips: Gippsland in Victoria and Tumut to Wagga Wagga in NSW.

There were a number of cancellations due to rain and high winds and the associated damage and closure of a number of tracks and trails and as mentioned the insurance difficulties for bikes.  Fortunately, most of these issues have been resolved and we look forward to lots of walks, paddles and cycle days over spring and summer.