Advocacy Spokesperson

If you are interested in the advocacy role, here are a few ideas from John on what the role may involve.

Advocacy Spokesperson:

Role Description

  • To identify suitable causes raised by our members, from which the club might benefit.
  • To respond to invitations from authorities to comment on issues which may affect the club positively or negatively.
  • To lobby authorities for infrastructure improvements.
  • To liaise with umbrella organisations either in support of a campaign they may have instigated, or to support us in an instance we may have instigated.

Examples of these could be:

  • To encourage Shellharbour Council to remove the ”Cyclists please Dismount” signs at Slaters Bridge, Oak Flats.
  • For the appropriate authority to dredge Lake Illawarra.
  • For access to a walking track in the Royal National Park to be re-opened.
  • To respond to Wollongong Council’s current Active Transport Plan.
  • To support Bicycle NSW having the Grand Pacific Walk/Ride extended through Wombarra.
  • To ask Bicycle NSW to take on the Slaters Bridge issue on our behalf.
  • To have the Otford Tunnel opened and maintained for walkers.

Although our club has a historically low profile in advocacy activity the committee has recently been asked to lobby for completion of the unfinished section of path around Lake Illawarra. After sailing clubs, with walks, rides and paddling we are probably the largest user of Lake Illawarra’s features. 3 members lobbied Armidale Council in May about an adverse Rail Trail planning decision. Noise from those members, and thousands of others led to that Armidale decision being rescinded. Another Ramblers trip destination will result.

Might help: Some advocacy experience in any form at any level would be beneficial.   Or the ability to talk under water.