Autumn Newsletter: Volume 33 – No. 1

President’s Report

There is a lot going on, even if much of it is behind the scenes.

Post AGM, our cyclists welcomed the affiliation between our club and cycling’s equivalent to Bushwalking NSW, known as Bicycle NSW.  Bicycle NSW has very comprehensive insurance options for its members, both individual and club. It seeks sponsors for, and organises community and charity cycling events, supports cycling safety through leadership training and lobbying governments re road rules, as well as using the lobbying knowhow to influence cycling infrastructure spending. Our walkers who use shared paths also benefit from successful lobbying in that frame. There are now 35 cycling groups affiliated with Bicycle NSW. Some of those clubs actively lobby. We traditionally “go with the flow” across walking, paddling, and cycling, enjoying the benefits governments provide.

The Friday 5k & Koffee concept had a bright start. It is intended to be a separate activity programmed for Fridays for time or energy poor walkers wanting a social happening on an otherwise quiet day.

Purry Burry Point, though so local, was previously unknown to most. I can’t get to many Friday events. The future Friday programme offers samples of a wide range of 5k walks. It is hoped that leaders will put their hand up to lead a Friday 5k walk involving a coffee shop.

Our club is the Illawarra’s pre-eminent Grade 3, 10-12k walking group with reliably a Wednesday and a weekend walk. That should remain the case.

I went and had a coffee with the paddlers.  None of the paddlers offered to let me ride in their spare kayak seat. Maybe they were thinking I should change my body shape by doing more riding and walking as a pre-condition.

Over to Pam……..

John Groom