From Marjorie Carvell

To members. and the committee of Ramblers,

I would like to say thank you to the Ramblers for making such a difference in members lives.  Our first holiday was with Max to the gold coast, over 30years ago. We enjoyed many walks with a National parks ranger inLlamington National Park.   We have since enjoyed many holidays in National. Parks and cycle ways with Flora Newsome, Joe Pike, & Pam Robinson, to name just a few.

I’d like to share the most outstanding walk I have ever done with my daughter in Madagascar @80. We started with wilderness, then after a few kms we came across this wonderful oasis, then wilderness with a Hoopoe bird on the only tree. To end the walk to greet us in the forest were Lemurs. One even pinched my banana. 

I would love to see and hear about other members’ outstanding walks or cycling holidays.

Thank you,   Marjorie Carvell