Helen Moody’s New Book

One of our leaders, Helen Moody is about to release a book about our South Coast islands. Several club members were on some of her kayaking trips and their photos are in the book. Here is  information about the book if you would like to purchase a copy.

For three years Helen Moody and Mike Jefferis led walks and kayak

trips to, past or around the 61 islands of the NSW south coast. There are

20 coastal islands and 41 in the estuaries, rivers and lakes open to

the ocean. Now they have written the first ever book on the islands, to be

published by mid-2023. This isn’t a book just for walkers and kayakers.

It’s a book for south coast residents, visitors to this area, and anyone who

loves nature and discovering wild places. Nearly all the islands are small and

uninhabited; some are mere specks on a map. Yet each has something

special about it. Several are wildlife havens with significant biodiversity

values. Some have ancient and ongoing spiritual significance to

First Nations people. Some have fascinating connections to early

explorers and settlers. A handful are privately owned. One has a superb

native garden. You have likely never heard many of their names before;

or even been aware of their existence.

It has been a community effort. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Self-published and self-marketed books with a tight budget require a challenging decision about the print-run. We don’t want to be storing books under the bed for years, nor sell out in the first week! So we are seeking ‘expressions of interest’ in purchasing a copy.

Email southcoastislandsbook@gmail.com with your name and contact details to reserve a copy – by 5 December 2022.

You will be helping us gauge interest, be assured of a copy, and receive an invitation to a launch event.

The book is more than a travel guide. It tells of Aboriginal connections to the islands, the history of south coast exploration, and the arrival of settlers and convicts. It covers the geology, flora, lighthouses, shipwrecks, bird life and environmental values of the islands. With over 200 photographs, and maps and description of how to visit every island, whether on foot or by boat, it will be a substantial, colourful book.

The sale price will be $50.

Many photographers have contributed to the book; historical societies and individual knowledge holders have provided information. Donations and grants from individuals and organisations have covered most of the production costs, so that all profit from book sales will go to environmental projects.