Information for Ramblers Club Members

A special general meeting of the WEA Ramblers Club was held on Saturday 13 June.  Approximately 30 members attended and the following resolutions were unanimously accepted:

  • that the name WEA Illawarra Ramblers Club be changed to Illawarra Ramblers Club
  • that the Illawarra Ramblers Club become incorporated, and
  • that the new Constitution be adopted.

An amendment to the new Constitution was proposed – that the Objectives of the club be changed to: “To organise, participate in and promote activities such as but not limited to bushwalking, bike riding and kayaking”.  This was also unanimously  accepted.

Steps will be now taken to incorporate the Illawarra Ramblers Club.  We thank all our members for their support and we will keep you informed of progress as we move towards incorporation and a new era for the club.

Chris English