Winter 2015 Newsletter

Once again, we have a huge program offering a variety of activities.  Winter is a great time for getting out, we look forward to seeing you in the coming months.  We also hope to see you at the Special General Meeting scheduled for Saturday 13 June.   All members are invited to attend to ratify the club’s new name and new Constitution, and it’s an opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns regarding the changes ahead.   Details about the meeting and a link to the Constitution follow in this Newsletter.

If you have paid for a printed Newsletter, you will receive a copy in the mail in the next few days.  Everyone can check the Activities online and it’s easy to print out, just click on the printer icon.  You will see some options in the Print Dialog Box:

  • make sure you select “Portrait”
  • the total number of pages is indicated at the top left of the dialog box, and each page is numbered – you can select a range of pages to print
  • if you don’t want to include the Leaders List, don’t log in beforehand