Insurance for e-bike riders

As previously reported our insurance through Bushwalking Australia has conditions regarding cover for e-bike riders.  Among other queries, we sought clarification on the requirement that there be a mix of e-bikes and normal bikes on all cycling activities.  The response was that e-bike riders would only be covered if there is at least one person using a normal bike in the group.

At our committee meeting on Wednesday 16 August, we discussed the longer term viability of running our cycling activities under this condition.  It is evident that some pressure has been felt by the leaders, as well as a few members who have normal bikes and therefore have felt a responsibility to show up.

This situation is not sustainable. The participation rate for cycling is rapidly increasing and it is likely that the number of e-bikes in the club will continue to grow which will exacerbate the problem as time goes on.  The overall  response to our queries was unsatisfactory and has left us feeling that our current insurance arrangements do not sufficiently cover e-bike riders especially with regard to public liability.

The committee has unanimously agreed that:

By 1 January 2024 – all members who ride e-bikes on our activities must be insured with Bicycle NSW.

Effective 1 September 2023 – all new members who intend to ride e-bikes must take out insurance with Bicycle NSW when they join the Ramblers.

Most members with e-bikes already have Bicycle NSW insurance.  You will now be required to renew your insurance each year.

Belonging to Bicycle NSW means that you are covered wherever and whenever you are cycling –  in all states in Australia and most countries overseas.  Not just on Ramblers Club activities, but also if you are riding on your own, with friends, on holiday or in other cycling groups. To find out more click on Bicycle NSW.  We have a discount code, contact to request that the code be emailed to you. Once you have joined up, please send a copy of your receipt to the same email address.

The advent of e-bikes has been a godsend for many of us – we have been able to continue cycling, tackling the hills and the headwinds and enjoying the company of others every week.  We hope that those of you who haven’t yet signed up with Bicycle NSW will do so in the coming months and so stay with us and continue to enjoy our rides in the years to come.

Penny Howes