Leaders and New Members

President/Leader Penny!

The last few years have seen our membership decline and the number of leaders and volunteers
has also been lower. We are asking people to share with their friends, family, neighbours and
acquaintances the joy of being part of the Ramblers!

We continue to ask people to consider volunteering to be leaders of rides, walks and kayaking.
There are also positions on the committee to be filled. Without volunteers we will not have a
Below is a link to a video from Bushwalking NSW that explains the benefits of volunteering.
Research has shown that volunteers are

Mentally Healthier
Physically Healthier
Feel the “helper’s high”
Better connected
Draw greater meaning from life

If you feel you are able to volunteer for the club, please ring President Penny Howes or Vice
President Pam Hayes – see the Members List for contact details.