Practice GPS for Bushwalking

All 4 bush walks planned have been explored and GPS mapped by the leader – Sept 27th, Oct 25th and 26th, Nov 15th.  They all have large amounts of off track walking mainly through open beautiful forest – as such they are an easy introduction to off track walking and using a GPS in low visibility conditions (you can’t see the next mountain because of the trees).  A GPS is not essential for these walks – but a GPS makes the navigation far more efficient and the walk quicker because of the reduction of backtracking.  They are all Grade 5 because of the extent of off track walking but the 3 in Macquarie Pass National Park are relatively easy as they are downhill.  The Mount Carrialoo-Moollatoo walk requires 2 short rock scrambles and some short sections of steep climbing but is mainly on ridges, through open forest and substantially downhill with marvellous views. Even if you think you are asking basic questions please do not be afraid to participate via email or one of the walks. See the attached document for a list of objectives and contact details.