Ramblers Euphemisms

Ramblers Safety Fence                                          

During a recent walk a discussion was held on what leaders’ descriptions of walks really mean. Here is a quick list of Rambler Euphemisms! Can you think of others? When the leader says ……………… he/she means –

 all on track: if the track is mentioned it means it may be on a track but only a goat or a wombat could follow it.

some ups and downs: descend at least 5 times into the abyss and then climb out again

some steep sections: be prepared for some mountain climbing (see “some steep sections”)

some off track: Don’t come if you have a fear of heights because we are going over a cliff

undulating hills: beware the word undulating. It’s not as gentle as it sounds, it usually means lots of up and downs.

some sandy sections: you will be slogging uphill through sand dunes

some: anywhere between 2 to 20

just over the next hill: only if you don’t count the 5 smaller hills in between

not far now: at least another 5 kms

around 10 kms: who really knows! (see ‘some’)

I have my GPS: Questions to ask – 1.is it switched on 2.can you work it 3.does it keep adding kms when we stand still?

it won’t rain: yeh, right! Bring lots of extra clothing

there should be a cool breeze: Note the qualifier “should”! If there is a cool breeze its only in Antarctica (or Tasmania!)

morning tea will be soon: only if you walk faster, otherwise who knows when it will be!

leisurely: not sure if leaders understand this word!

I know a good coffee shop: Usually they do because that’s what they looked for first when they did their reconnoitre.

Finally, there wouldn’t be a club without leaders so I want to thank you all for the great work you do and am happy for you to ignore any of my moaning when climbing hills!

Pam H