Safety information for Cyclists


Ramblers Club bike rides usually take us along the cycle paths.  Occasionally we ride on the roads and this often means passing parked cars.  While it is an offence for a driver to open their car door when a cyclist is approaching, these incidents do happen and invariably result in the cyclist getting hurt.  If safe to do so, as a precaution, cyclists should give 1 metre berth when passing parked cars.

There are a few cycle paths in Wollongong which run alongside the road where cars are parked.  This creates a greater the risk as one usually does not expect to be hit by a car door when cycling on a shared bike/foot path.  Examples are alongside Beach Drive, Woonona and Gloucester Drive, Port Kembla.

It is important to be vigilant and cautious in the proximity of parked cars whether cycling on the road or on a cycle path. Click here for further information.