Important Safety Initiative


logoAs a result of problems experienced by emergency call-takers and emergency services, in late 2013 the national Triple Zero Awareness Work Group (TZAWG) launched a free smartphone app: Emergency+.  TZAWG identified that more than 66% of incoming emergency calls are made from mobile phones.  However, mobile callers often do not know exactly where they are, meaning call processing times are longer and call-takers are then unavailable to take the next incoming emergency call.

Determining caller location is the most critical piece of information emergency call-takers need when a call comes in.  If callers don’t know where they are, emergency services can’t send help.

Emergency+ uses the existing GPS functionality of smartphones to enable callers to provide their location information.  When activated, the built in accessibility features of a smartphone will describe aloud what appears on-screen, so the caller can use the app without seeing it.

The Emergency+ app is available for free download in Apple IOS, Android and Windows.  One group for which it has obvious benefits is bushwalkers, and TZAWG has numerous examples where lost or injured bushwalkers have used the app to pinpoint their location for emergency services.

This service is of benefit to anyone who participates in activities in the bush, and even in more built-up areas which may not be familiar to you.  Ramblers Club members who have smartphones are strongly encouraged to download the app.