Scam Emails

Our webhosting provider, Hosting Australia, has advised us that there is currently an email scam doing the rounds, targeting email accounts.  These types of scams are generally called Phishing scams and are an attempt to obtain sensitive details from you via a false website.  In this case, your email password is the target.

The emails take a variety of formats, such as advising you that your email account is insecure, over quota or requires action to keep functioning. The email contains a link to a login page that looks very similar to a standard webmail login.  However, in this case the login page has been created for the sole purpose of accessing your password details and ultimately access to your account.  Unless you have requested a password reset, please do not click or action any emails received from unknown parties.

If you have clicked on such a link recently, please change your email password immediately.

These scams seem to happen all the time, this is good reminder that we need to be vigilant always.

Penny Howes

Website Manager