We need a new Secretary!

The club finds itself in need of a new secretary. The Role description from our constitution is below if anyone would like to volunteer their services.

To keep minutes of:

a) All appointments of office-bearers and members of the Committee, and

b) The names of members of the committee present at a committee meeting or a general meeting, and

c) All proceedings at committee meetings and general meetings.

Minutes of proceedings at a meeting must be signed by the chairperson of the meeting or by the chairperson of the succeeding meeting.

This role is not gender specific. Feel free to ask any member of the committee about their view of the workload or the value of this role to all of us.

An additional perk is that the successful secretary nomination might get to help adjudicate on the other 2 posts.

The committee meets around 8 times a year at Illawarra Yacht Club 2:30pm Wednesdays for 2 hours.

To find out more, or to lobby for yourself, (or someone else) address a note to illawarraramblers@gmail.com, or phone or text John, see Members List.