Winter Newsletter 2019


Thankyou to all the leaders who have submitted activities for our Winter program. We have a full program of cycles and paddles but unfortunately there are still a few gaps in the walks program.  We urge leaders to check the program and let Stuart Almond know if they can help fill the gaps.

Two trips away are planned for later in the year, a paddling trip to Wallaga Lake and a cycling Trip on the South Coast around Narooma and Moruya.  These trips away are very popular so do book in early so the leaders can finalise all arrangements.

One of our new members, Deborah Redwood, has offered to introduce mountain bike rides into our activities.  She knows of a beginners’ practice track at Helensburgh that she is willing to take people on.  If you are interested you can contact Deborah.

We have had a bit of a spate of Incident Reports recently, requiring first aid assistance so this is a timely reminder that everyone taking part in an activity must carry a small first aid kit.  Don’t rely on the leader to have everything that may be required.  In some instances it may be necessary to pool other people’s supply of bandages etc. as happened when two people took a tumble on the same activity.  It may be worth alerting members to a phone app called Emergency Assist.   This sends a signal via satellite pinpointing exactly where you are in case emergency assistance is required. Look for the article about the app further on in the newsletter.

Hope you find lots of interesting activities in our new program to involve yourself in during the cooler winter months.

Ros Tierney