Appeal for Leaders

Hi all,

The perennial difficulty of finding people willing to lead activities has, again, been a topic at the Committee meeting. It seems that the same people are leading the rides, walks and paddles and the number of leaders is declining. We need members to think carefully about leading an activity.

I became a leader several years ago. My reasoning was that if I wanted our club to continue to thrive, I needed to volunteer to lead. I only lead walks that I know well and am comfortable in leading. As the years have gone by, I realised there were always other leaders on my walks who were willing to be deputies and help me with decision making. I learnt some lessons about stopping at forks in the trail, cancelling a walk when it was pouring and realising that it might be the same track but every walk was different.

It has been a great experience being a leader and has built my confidence so that now I’m looking for new walks.

So if you have been with the club for a few years and are able to lead we would love to hear from you. There is informal training available if needed. The following link gives ideas about where to lead an activity.

Pam Hayes


Here I am having fun whilst leading!