Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Presidents Report

The autumn program is now due to go to the printers, but unfortunately, for the first time in many years, the deadline for submitting activities was well past and the program was far from complete.  There were several Mondays where no one had volunteered to lead, and several Sundays where, similarly, no leaders came forward. At the last minute most of the vacant dates were filled mainly by leaders who had already committed to lead other activities.

This is very disappointing, as many people anticipate each program to be full of activities. A deadline is set each quarter to enable us to compile a full program before going to print. They best way to achieve this is for a wider range of leaders to put up their hands.

In an attempt to address this issue, another leader training day will be organized in the near future. See the following article and program for further details.

Once again we have a variety of day activities and trips away for you to enjoy during the cooler Autumn months.

Chris English