Cycling Safety

Cycling Safety – a few points of interest

The recent emphasis on e-bike insurance has raised issues of safety, legality and rules of the road and shared bike paths, some of which are worth mentioning.

  • We see a number of e-bikes ridden by (often un-helmeted) other cyclists which are clearly illegal and which give us a bad name. The NSW Government has specified which e-bikes are legal and are therefore considered to be the same as normal bikes.
  • There are rules for bike riders whether e-bikes or normal bikes which need to be adhered to when cycling on roads or shared paths.
  • On shared paths, pedestrians have the right of way.
  • You can only ride your bicycle across a pedestrian crossing where bicycle crossing lights are installed. Otherwise, you need to walk.
  • Cycling on a normal footpath, ie not a designated shared path, is illegal except for persons 16 years or under, or someone accompanying persons 16 years or under.