Newsletter Winter 2023

                                   PRESIDENT’S REPORT

During the last few months, we’ve been somewhat focused on e-bike insurance which has affected many cycling members.  Thank you to all those cyclists who have been positive and supportive about taking out individual insurance.  This has enabled us to continue to enjoy our bike rides which are always popular.  We had hoped there would be a quick solution, however it is likely that the outcome of negotiations between Bushwalking Australia and the insurers will not be known until late June.

We appreciate that leaders require some flexibility, and timing is important due to weather and other reasons so quite often activities are submitted at short notice.  This means that it’s a good idea to check the program regularly as it keeps changing.  Everything is sorted by date – remember to scroll down every now and then so that you don’t miss the trips away which you will find near the bottom of the list.

As always, we welcome new leaders.  If you have a favourite walk, cycle or paddle you’d like to share, please think about leading – and don’t hesitate to contact one of the committee members or an existing leader for advice and assistance.

Just as we have got used to the perfect Autumn weather, we now have to brace ourselves for winter.  It’s still a great time to get outdoors – rugged up of course – whether walking, cycling or kayaking.

We look forward to seeing you on activities in the coming months.

Penny Howes