Good News at Last

Hi Everyone,

Following the Premier’s announcement this week that restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 will start to be lifted, the Committee has decided to recommence the Activities Program without delay.

Members are encouraged to propose activities they would like to lead via the Online Activities Registration Form.  Areas which will accommodate social distancing are recommended, heavy traffic areas popular with the general public should be avoided.

Everyone is reminded that the current restrictions applying to the 1 ½ metre social distancing rule are to be strictly adhered to.  The majority of our members are probably classified as being in the “vulnerable” age group so we must all take care to follow the rules outlined by the government to minimise the spread of the virus.

The current rules restrict outdoor gatherings to a total of 10 including the leader.  Stuart Almond, our Activities Co-ordinator, will be circulating an email shortly to advise how we will meet these restrictions.  Members are requested to be patient and cooperate with the leader at all times.

In all instances common sense should prevail.  I think by now we all know what we have to do during these unprecedented times in order to keep everyone safe.

Welcome Back and Happy Rambling.

Ros Tierney