Keeping in Touch – 3

Hi again fellow Ramblers,

Things are looking a lot more positive now.  The incidences of Covid-19 in our area have been greatly reduced (no new ones for a couple of weeks I believe) and now the Prime Minister is saying we have earned an “early mark”  which has reduced our restrictions slightly, with hopefully more to come soon.

Thank you to those who have been sending in photos which Russell has posted to Facebook and put in the Gallery so do go online and check them out in Timeline Photos.

Athalie was cycling at Port Kembla the day the Ruby Princess finally left Australia and sent some great photos.

Dave and Trish Jenkins have been through their archives and dug out a couple of photos from one of the Ramblers cycling trips away.  The above photo is an interesting one taken outside the coffee shop at Tallangatta

Marjorie Carvell has been reminiscing about an amazing trip she took with her daughter to Madagascar and has shared some of her photos with us.  Wilderness and forest with a Hooper bird in a tree and beautiful lemurs.  One of which she says stole her banana.

Committee members have been trialling online meeting systems over the last few weeks (all new to me).  It is likely we will Zoom for the meeting on 18 May as it has proven to be the easiest to use.  It will give us a chance to discuss how our Activity Program will recommence when we get the go ahead.

Best wishes to everyone and hope to see you soon.

Ros Tierney