Submitting Activities under Restricted Conditions

Members are invited to submit activities for our current program. All activities will be limited to 10 participants including the leader and prior registrations are essential.

As many of our activities regularly have 20 or more participants, we are hoping to be able to provide 2 similar activities on the same day so all members have an opportunity to participate. This will require additional leaders. Now is a good time to try some new activities or for new leaders to lead a small group.

Our program is now exclusively online so activities can be submitted at short notice. Leaders should do so using the online Activity Submission Form, but feel free to contact me if you are unable to do this. Avoid busy or narrow tracks and routes to maintain physical distancing when passing others and avoid activities requiring public transport.

All members should check the online program frequently.

Participants must register with the leader beforehand, preferably by text message providing a mobile phone contact number and emergency number.

Leaders must complete the Activity Register listing registered participants and signing off that they have attended. Registering and participating in an activity implies acceptance of the Liability Disclaimer which applies to all club activities.

Social distancing requirements should be maintained and good hygiene practiced at all times. Members should bring and regularly use hand sanitiser.

After the activity and if possible, the leader should scan or photograph the completed Activity Register and email it to the Activities Recorder.

If you are unwell, have cold or flu symptoms you must not participate in any Ramblers activity.
If you register and are unable to attend, please notify the leader as soon as possible so others may take your place.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Stuart Almond
Program Manager