News update

As a result of the constant wet weather it has been difficult for leaders to plan walks, cycles and paddles with any degree of certainty.   As a result the program is sketchy, and some of the activities that have been scheduled have had to be cancelled at the last minute.  Safety issues are always a factor in these decisions.  Many of us are eager to get going again especially after the constraints imposed on our activities last year.  While this weather continues, activities are likely to be submitted at short notice and changes or cancellations may happen at any time. It is therefore a good idea to keep a close eye on the Activities program.

Although last year was a year of restrictions, the Ramblers still managed to get out and about.  For many years, one of our long time members Peter Bique has worked tirelessly to put together a compilation of photos taken during the previous 12 months. Traditionally these slideshows “Ramblers at Random” were shown at our annual Christmas party.  As we have not had a Christmas party at an indoor venue for the last two years, we are now showing the latest video on our website.  Russell Verdon, our Publicity Officer, has spent many hours researching a way in which to make “Ramblers at Random” available for everyone to view in our Gallery.  You will also find it on our Facebook page.   It is amazing to see how many places we visited to hike, cycle and paddle – including those that we did in much smaller groups when restrictions were in place.  Thank you Russell and Peter for making it possible for us all to share these memories and remind ourselves about the wonderful part of the world in which we live and can enjoy no matter what the circumstances.  It is around 50 minutes long, so find some time, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Some months ago, we voiced our concern via Bushwalking NSW to the NSW Government regarding the proposed sale of a Crown road which would affect access to the Budderoo National Park by bushwalkers.  Unfortunately a decision has been made to proceed with the sale.  Here is the response we received from Bushwalking NSW:

Dear Robyn et al at Illawarra Ramblers,

In 2020 we had a request from Illawarra Ramblers for help to prevent the sale of the Crown Road (Cloonty Road). The road concerned had been used by the club as a shortcut and they were concerned about the loss of this access. BNSW lodged an objection on behalf of the club.

Unfortunately our objection has not resulted in the retention of the land. See attached letter which says in summary: “The Department has determined that the road adjoining east of 413 Cloonty Road will be offered for sale”

The fact that NPWS doesn’t support retaining the road is significant.

We have succeeded in stopping Crown Land sales elsewhere and we are sorry we could not succeed in this instance.

Thanks and kind regards,

Kirsten Mayer
Executive Officer
Bushwalking NSW Inc

To see the NSW Govenrment’s letter click here. This is a disappointing outcome, but thank you to those who provided input to our request.  We will continue to comment on issues which may affect our activities when the opportunity arises.

Penny Howes