Presidents Report

Please re-read the committee’s report in the Spring Newsletter ‘Changes are in the Wind’. The work goes on as does the club’s expansion. When I was last told, the membership was over 300 and apparently still growing. Most new members, it seems, find out about us through the website. We have also been running an ongoing publicity campaign which as reaped rewards.

Newsletter Editor Penny’s efforts have been heroic and are not over, as the contractor has not yet completed bedding down the new website.

The benefits of computerising are obvious and illustrated by pointing out that not so long ago, it took three or more of us three hours to produce the newsletter with 2/3 of the present membership. Now it only takes a fraction of that effort because most members receive their newsletters online.

Leaders are urged to use the online activity submission form when volunteering activities which takes some of the load off Program Manager Chris.

Don’t forget the Christmas Party on 19th December at the Dapto Leagues Club. You need to register through the WEA no later than Friday 5th December.
Fred Morrison