Change to Printed Newsletter

At the last meeting of the Ramblers Committee, the printed format of the Newsletter was discussed. Several points were put forward –

  • As the program changes continuously with activities being added and cancelled, a printout of the activities is usually only correct at the time of publishing.
  • As more and more groups become environmentally friendly, they try to cut down on paper usage. As we are a club that enjoys the great outdoors, we too should become more environmentally friendly.
  • As most people have access to a computer either at home or through their local library, accessing the Activities Program online is a better option.

Therefore, the committee has decided to print only the Newsletter articles, including the President’s Report and notices of special events such as the AGM.  We will be asking members to go online to check the Activities Program. This will begin with the Autumn 2020 program.

Ros Tierney