Thank you for nominating to lead an activity for the Illawarra Ramblers Club.  This is really appreciated by the Committee and the members who participate in the activities.  The following steps will help to get you started.  Please contact Stuart Almond, Program Manager if you have any queries or need assistance.  See Members List for contact details.

  • To put an activity in the program: Go to the Forms page on the website and click on Activity Submission Form (online). Fill in the details about your activity making sure that you include in the description what participants can expect, such as difficult sections, and potential hazards.  It may also be necessary to specify the level of fitness and ability required.  Refer to the Grading and Guidelines page under the Activities tab to assist with grading level and pace.  Pre-registration and maximum number of participants is at the discretion of the leader.  The limit on numbers can be specified in the form.  Click on Submit when completed.
  • If conducting a reconnoitre, all those participating should sign the Reconnoitre Activity Form.
  • Prior to the activity: Print out an Activity Register.  You will find this on the Forms page on the website.  Fill in the names of those who have registered including their contact numbers.
  • At the start of the activity: Participants are required to sign the register to confirm their attendance.  The leader should describe what is planned and warn of any potential hazards.
  • On completion of the activity: Take a photo of the form or scan on your computer and email to the Activities Recorder – see the Members List for email details. Advise the Activities Recorder if the activity is cancelled.
  • For further information regarding leading or participating in activities click on Grading and Guidelines.