Gradings and Guidelines

We have made a few changes to our Gradings and Guidelines to better reflect the club’s range of activities:

  • Grade 5 and Grade 6 walks have been merged
  • Types of terrain for walks have been clarified
  • Fitness and experience levels for walks and paddles have been clarified.

It is important, when submitting an activity, that it is correctly graded.  It is also important that there is a proper description – ie if there are any difficult or potentially hazardous aspects, steep hills, rough off-track/road sections, areas that are exposed to wind or sun.  Registration is an opportunity for the leader to explain the details of the activity and outline any potential issues.  It is vital that the partipant understands what to expect so that they can make a judgement as to whether they are fit, agile and experienced enough to undertake the activity.  It is difficult for a leader to make this assessment about someone they don’t know. If there is any doubt, particularly in the case of new members, the leader should encourage the participant to consider undertaking a lower grade activity first.

To see the Gradings and Guidelines click on the Activities tab at the top of the Ramblers Club home page or click here.