Spring 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring issue which includes notices about upcoming events and a program full of activities.

Our next big event is the AGM on Saturday 23rd September.  It’s being held in the Rhododendron Gardens in Mount Pleasant.   It’s always an enjoyable day – morning tea, followed by the meeting, then a choice of one of two walks and a sausage sizzle lunch to finish. Full details are on the next page.

All positions on the committee will be declared vacant and we are appealing to members to consider nominating for a role.  We need new faces, people who can bring their skills and fresh ideas to the management of the club. The committee positions are:

President – Provides leadership to ensure club operations run smoothly, ideally someone who has already spent time on the committee.

Treasurer – Manages the club’s finances, has custody of the club’s bank accounts, tracks income and expenses in a spreadsheet and monitors online payments.

Secretary – Handles club correspondence, organises meetings, takes minutes and is the contact person for Bushwalking NSW.

Program Manager – Co-ordinates activities, keeps in touch with leaders, checks and edits submitted activities online and publishes them on the website.  Sends out notices online about changes to the program.

Newsletter Editor – Seeks news and information items of interest, writes articles, compiles and distributes the online and printed versions, sends out interim notices online.  This role includes: Website Manager  –  Oversees website operations, makes changes to website , posts photos in Facebook, handles problems and queries,  monitors website expenses.  Is the single point of contact for the service provider.

Membership Secretary – Manages the online membership database and email list.  Handles enquiries about the club and deals with queries from members.

Activities Recorder – Sends out and receives Activity Registers.  Monitors activities undertaken and records the number of activities and participants in a spreadsheet.

Publicity Officer – Arranges the display of posters on community noticeboards and in shop windows.  Seeks opportunities to promote the club using traditional or social media channels.

Training Officer – Identifies opportunities to develop or enhance skills across all activities.  Co-ordinates training sessions, liaises with leaders and other training providers.

There are two meetings each quarter at the City Diggers Club in Wollongong.  In addition, there is the AGM which is usually held at a local outdoor venue.

If you are interested in having a role in the management of the club and would like further information please contact one of the committee members.  Full position descriptions are available on request.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a Spring Saturday at one of the most picturesque venues in the Illawarra.

Enjoy the program.


Penny Howes