Speaking of our beautiful country….What a Walk!

The walk on the 3 February this year was amazing. Led by Greg and Andy, it was a combined Ramblers/Shoalhaven activity. Walking down the first creek meant some bush bashing and rock hopping past 2 beautiful waterfalls, one of which had practically carved out steps and ledges. Then our 2 intrepid leaders were shocked to find a huge tree had fallen where they had reccied the path to take. This did not stop us! Over, under and around massive branches, leaves and twigs we climbed to get to the next little waterfall for morning tea.

Then it was up a creek to the real challenge. However, first we had a swim in the clearest water I have seen in a while. I had spied the ropes when we had reached the waterfall and was slightly worried I would make a fool of myself trying to climb them. So when the time came I was grateful to Andy who gave clear instructions and with a huge effort I made it to the top! There was one more wonderful waterfall before we headed to Hell Hole Falls.

Apparently Hell Hole Falls is becoming a social media phenomenon and there were many people parked on the fire trail at the trail head. It is not the easiest of waterfalls to get too but WOW!  Phil had fun jumping off a rock and eventually persuaded me to have a go! Childhood memories of swimming in the Bemboka River came back as I jumped and water flooded up my nose! It was great fun so I did it again.


So thank you Andy and Greg for the adventure I’ll never forget!