Useful Links, Safety and Members Responsibilities

The “Useful Links” page can be accessed on our web page, just click on Activities to find the link. It has been updated to include a website link to Bicycle NSW. There is already a link for Bushwalking NSW.

Safety and Members’ Responsibilities

The Activities page has other useful information, especially on safety. You can find links to what to carry in a First Aid Kit, Road rules for cyclists and How much Water you bring on an activity. The issue of water has caused some concern with leaders with some walkers not bringing at least 2 litres on hot days. It is each members duty to be adequately prepared for an activity and it is the right of a leader to refuse to let a member come on an activity if they come without adequate water or if they are dressed inappropriately (eg with thongs instead of shoes)

Let’s keep everyone safe so we can enjoy our beautiful country!